Friday, April 23, 2004
* whew ~~ *
mi finally finished readin my textbook for the upcoming Software engineerin test ..
now left my spd assignment which left lots of parts not done ...
blahzz .. sch startin in ard nxt mon ... blahzzz .. routine life is on man ..

mi so tryin to clear my food in my fridge so i can order the new diet plan which state tht they will provide all meals and make my calories intake of a day to be only 1200 .. which supposedly to be gd n yet hlp mi to diet .. but money hve to be slashed on them to make it happen ... 114 per week , inclusive of breakfast , lunch n dinner ..

the main thing is tht i dun need to cook them and juz reheat them in the oven .. n wa la .. food done .. save time ..

quite cold nowaday , autumn is here , winter comin in .. yawnzzz ... air con room all day n outside .. haizzz
(p.s. i knw sg now beri hot hor .. sorryz to spite u guys )

feelin empty ... quite lost in how to do my assignment ... as in dun really able to capture my momenterm for studyin liao ... in the past during poly, i can catch it and do my work by myself .. quietly and do my best in it ..
but her .. i cant simply put my heart to it le ... but i do forced myself to ... i really do .. which is not the right way for mi ... i mean .. studyin is like a job .. tht must be done by interest .. if i am not interested in it, y am i torturin myself le ?
haizz, i need to fulfill my goals and knwin tht , this is the path tht i chose n will continue ...

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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