Friday, April 09, 2004
okie .. now i hve 2 weeks break in my hand ...
hve tons of assignments to hand in le
so sianzzz ..

haizz okie .. i feel better now .. i guess i am alrite now ..
i knw i knw . i hve been a tad lots of drama queen recently ..
blahzz who carezz nvm ..

i mean it is over mah .. wht else to expect le ..
well better concentrate on how to maximise the holiday

anyway .. well i am takin my theory drivin test soon .. blah hopefully i pass la ar ..
den i can do DRIVIN .. hellriders here i come ( TOUCH WOOD and tht y my mm dun let mi drive )
anyway yoga ... haizzz beri sianzzz .. been stretchin here n there

actually learnin yoga has been my lifelong dream.. coz i always tink either ballet n yoga .. it really helps as in grace and posture .. i mean in my opinion, gals should hve grace ( though i lack lots ) but yah .. i mean grace makes someone to hve aura and with tht aura , it is a postive signal to others ...
it isnt about zen .. it is about grace and the ease of movin from one to another ... yoga is abt balance .. and concentratin ( though i am not gd in tht concentratin part ) ... posture holds a impt part... i mean if u see a ugly gal with gd posture , it shows tht she has confidence .. with no proper posture , a pretty gal can look BLEACHzz ..

n min , wht ur fren say is right .. no one is askin u to let it go either ... but ur melancholy does affect ur way of tinking and not moving on ... who doesnt feel sad on being ditched ... i too was ditched before .. remember ?
i was in hell den , but yet i am back ... not becoz i din really love him or not becoz i am not sad ..
but there was tht pt , i knw i had to let go .. i knw tht if i carry on with tht heart0break , i will not change and will still be at the same spot tht i was ... i was pathetic den .. n i refused to degrade myself any further .. i decide to move on ...

i do not expect u to really forget him , but dun let his non-existence presense affect u .. becoz u are born for urself not for him .. if he let u go , den it is not meant to be and if it is not meant to be , u should live and be happy for urself ..

i knw i said a lot .. and i knw how hard it is ..but by lettin urself be bind by ur past is definately not gd ... for u my dearie gal , u deserve more and i always believe u will shine in ur way ....

cheerz ...

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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