Friday, April 16, 2004
now watchin the eye 2 ... juz dwled it ..
quality suzzz ... keep jumpin ard ...

the main lead is call zheng jia wen ..
it seems tht i recently see quite a number of show with the name jia wen in it ..
DUN THEY HVE TO ASK FOR MY COPYRIGHT !!!! .... wahahhaa ..


anyway the show is gdddd .. her actin as usual is reccomended ...
actually i like shu qi a lot ..
At 17 she started modelling. With body to die for, she soon was doing nude picture series.
Seing her face on a magazine cover, Hong Kong producer Manfred Wong tracked her down and became her agent. He signed her for Sex & Zen II, a category III (adults only, soft porn) movie.
In 1997 her manager Manfred Wong told TIME: “If you’re an unknown and from Taiwan, there is no such thing as doing art and high-class films. Shu Qi knows if she doesn’t strip, she can’t be a star.”
So far Shu Qi has made at least 48 movies, that we are sure of. In Hong Kong actors work.

After her awards for Viva Erotica, Shu Qi started getting roles in typical Hong Kong movies. She showed off that gorgeous body, she smiled her dazzling widescreen smile and she fluttered around as a no-brain butterfly (how Hong Kong movies see a lot of their female stars). But when she was allowed to act (For Bad Boys Only, City of Glass and Portland Street Blues), she showed enormous potential.

For a movie star to cross over from (soft) porn to mainstream is extremely difficult – and nearly unheard of in Hong Kong. For any actress anywhere to get good female roles with meat on them is very hard as well. When you see a good role – grab it fast.

but becoz of the soft porn she took , she gained recongnization from the hk movie industry ..
and with stephen chow, she bloom into fame ... takin part in comedies , action , dramas ...
she was den spotted by lots of directors , and won lots of awards for best leadin actress or supportin actress..

with her appearance in THE EYE 2.. it should how she can really immersed into the role ... with vulerable and yet strong in her way .. the way she control her tears and u can see her tears formin out from her eye .... teardrop ... but yet able to control it there and for like mintues later , it den drop from her face ....

her life has been fiesty ... and aso strong .. tht is wht i like abt her .... SHU QI JIA YU

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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