Sunday, April 04, 2004
Enneagram Test Results

The Enn eagram is a personality system which divides the entire human personality into nine behavioral tendencies, this is your score on each...
Type 1    Perfectionism         ||||||||||||||||      65%
Type 2    Helpfulness            ||||||||||||||        52%
Type 3    Image Focus          ||||||||||||||||||   75%
Type 4    Hypersensitivity     ||||||||||||||        55%
Type 5    Detachment           ||||||||||||||||||   77%
Type 6    Anxiety                  ||||||||||||||||      63%
Type 7    Adventurousness  ||||||||||||||        57%
Type 8    Aggressiveness     ||||||||||||||||||   79%
Type 9    Calmness              ||||||||||||           49%

type behavior motivation

 I must be strong and in control to get what I want.

 I must be knowledgable and independent to get what I want.

 I must be impressive and attractive to get what I want.

 I must be perfect and good to get what I want.

 I must be secure and safe to get what I want.

 I must be energetic and entertaining to get what I want.

 I must be insecure and/or special to get what I want.

 I must be helpful and caring to get what I want.

 I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to get what I want.

The Enneagram is a system which divides all human behavior into nine personality divisions. Your conscious type
(main type) is whichever of those nine behaviors you use most, in your case Type 8w7. Your unconscious type (mean type), Type 5w6, is who you are unconsciously, based on the sum influence of all nine behaviors.

Most Enneagram books and tests focus on main type and use an additional "variant" classification
(instead of mean type) to account for the influence of all nine behavior types. This is the same thing as mean typing, except instead of 9 delineations, there are only three. Based on your test results your variant is Self Preservational. So when reading other Enneagram books or websites refer to the Type 8w7, Self Preservational variant descriptions.

1,2,3 behaviors are attention/acceptance seeking behaviors (social security). 7,8,9 behaviors are pleasure seeking behaviors (physical security). 4,5,6 are knowledge seeking behaviors (intellectual security). However, type 4 behavior is about seeking the knowledge of how to get attention and type 6 behavior is about seeking the knowledge of how to get pleasure. Now, no test or test taker is perfect but if your score is accurate then your results reflect two things. Who you try to be consciously (Type 8w7) and who you are unconciously (Type 5w6). Each of those reflects an orientation towards acceptance (1-3), pleasure (7-9), or knowledge (4-6). Only Type 5 is directly focused on gaining knowledge, all other types (main or mean) have some level of bias towards prioritizing acceptance or pleasure.

At the heart of acceptance seeking behaviors is the belief that if I am attractive in some way, I will be taken care of. This results in superficial development. The problem with a pleasure bias is that it makes you more likely to be selfish and destructive because your short term pleasure is all you are tuned in on. You don't notice or care about the displeasure you might cause others or the long term pain you might be setting yourself up for.
Acceptance and pleasure seeking behaviors keep people dependent. Knowledge seeking behaviors are about increasing independence, learning new and better ways to survive in life without conforming or taking advantage of others.

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