Saturday, April 03, 2004
Do you all realise that love is never a true thing ...

i often wonder now and den .. coz i sort of thought it really true ..
is men neccessary for all girls to live in ? How could we really live without them ?

I knw the two questions are contrast to each other ..
but without them , it is less the equation .. but with them , it adds spice ..

sometimes i do enjoz my single life .. drink, clubbing , and all sorts of nonsense ...
but sometimes i do crave for tht certain attention .... cuddles and etc ...

but tht certain attention comes with a price ....
tht price comes with heart ache, tears and emotionally breakin down ...

but it aso does bundled in company with you need one, someone to spoilt you and coax you when you are in a bad temper.

honestly it is a dilema ... but still i am still young .
i grince at the thot now of gettin married ... i flitch when i hear ppl being pregnant of my age .
I stun at astoniment when they gave me the news of them gettin engaged ... den i react with a smile for them ..
it never seize to amaze mi or leaving mi mouth-gappin abt it ( well maybe coz i am bitchy)

i mean aint all of us oni 20++ , isnt it time for us to explore and get to knw the world of wonder ..
but yet , i hve ppl in front of mi , gettin engaged , married , pregnant and wht so ever ..
dunt they wanna enjoy life 1st before committing into something like married life , children ..

oh by the way , it is not tht i am anti-marriage ... believe mi , i was once so obsessed on gettin hitched .. i even wanted to get married right away den .. but now i thot it through .. i only want to get married after my completion of my degree lolzzz ... which is like at least 1 yr later ( i tink) ... well no la .. i mean u knw after and after thingie .. well you get my drift .

maybe i am really like the wild rose by the test i took below ...
maybe i am not to be tamed yet or ever ... but future still too vague ...

my dad and mum told to me recently ... tellin mi how i should try to continue with honours .... but still I WANNA GO HOME .. sobzzz .. sobzzz ... i could still do a post grad degree after my completion of my degree at any other unis in the world you knw ... so y restrict myself juz at perth ..
i always wanted to go egyrt and lots of exotic countries ... maybe i study there lolzz ( i knw now it is like stunning to ppl tht i knw .. cant mage their face now .. lolzz) haizz ... still i hve to get my Pr here ... actually it is so much easier to get a PR with my computer science degree .. comparin to ppl with a business degree ... and i hve to live here for 2 yrs within 5 yrs .. haizzz .. tht suxxx .. the life here SUX !!!!but well i can still stay in auzzie eg. sydney or melbourne to do some work before heading home and by tht gain my pr ...
well like i say my future is vague .. hate the subjects i am doin now ... blah ... DAA ..blah !!! SPD blah !!!! SE 351 BLAH !

I rant enuff liao .. hahahahahahah (evil laughter) =p

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 4/03/2004 12:11:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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