Wednesday, February 18, 2004
on 11am , i was que up for REHARSAL FOR MTVASIA AWARDS at singapore indoor STAdIUM


i was practically star stuck for the whole day ....





p.s if u noticed the second pic , is him NAKED AT TOP ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGHZZZ

aso got to see michelle branch ..
the rehearsal n the real show is total diff man

see below

great diff hor !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh .. and some more of vanness cutie pie LOOKZ

Utt ??

Well , i recall during the mosh pit audition(Zouk) for tis yr MAA 2004 , he's one of the hosts but nt judge .. ( sad ) ... and den he is very hyperactive during the audition and trying to keep the crowd hype up with jokes . But he tend to be a bit in his own world like doin weird weird moves ..
*he was wearing juz a red t-shirt and bums *
as for denise, she is very chic but a bit dao la .. as in arrogant .. but still my fren(cin) got the stamp from her ..
* she was wearing heels , pants, and a long dress .. those outfits make her look taller despite of she is tall enuf *

My stamp was given by one of the guys in the local band, Urban Xchange

Anyway till the end of the whole audition, Utt was walking out, a few fans and there .. and cin asked for a hug from Utt and he agreed .. so i was there !!

i was in shock den .. but i admit he is cute ..

As for MAA 2004 , tis yr was hosted in indoor stadium at 14th feb , lots of stars gals .. ( v day , which i hve to practically begged my ex to celebrate it earlier )

michelle branch, vanness wu , ah mei , boa , 5566 , black eyed peas(BEP) , Gareth gaths , siti nurhaliza , simple plan , stacie orrico , Suga babes , Blue , mariah carey
but my unforgettable one is STEVEN frm machi .. those anyone remember the grp "LA BOYZ" ? One of the member is call Steven , the cousin of the two bros . Well he used to be look beri boyish and i was den infatuated by him .. and liked him ever since ..
now he is back in machi .. at MAA 2004 .. i almost fainted during the reheasal , coz he was juz infront of mi .. and we tok and i even told him i liked him since LA boyz .. and he was blushing .. he looks so muscular but yet so gentle Anyway we even shook hands ..

Those who like vanness , well here more of him , he is a very hyperactive guy ... during the rehearsal , while he hving his small break here n there , he would juz dance and making up moves .. he couldnt say still for juz a min ... but still he is friendly .. *remember cin who hugged utt ?* well apparently, when we are goin off to our break , ( it was a queue ) there we saw vanness .. he was sittin there idly ( finally ) .. so cin went over to tok to him .. and he was friendly and we even asked him y he hve to keep moving ard .. his reply was " he was tired coz he din sleep much " ( guess tht the price for being an artist bah ) .. and she requested tht could vanness tok to her fren in the mobile ( coz her fren loves vanness as well ) and he agreed . So cin called up her fren up and vanness actually tok on the phone by saying hi and how u been those gestures ... he is such a great artist to actually agree and do such stunts .. OMG ~~!
Btw the other host was michelle branch, wht can i say ... before cams, she look like juz a girl nxt door and kiddo . but once the real show start, her whole overall was really different

The performance for BEP was astonishing ~~! From rehearsal till the whole show, all of the ppl in mosh pit was dancing like crazee .. and both of us even got to shake hands with Fergie From where the love , to shut up and the finalle .. best sia ... The whole mosh pit was really hyped up ~!

Ah Mei wears really high shoes ( enuff said )

Garreth Gates was arrogant , but siti nurhaliza was friendly ..
Siti was really petite , but she look GREAT ~~! with a great voice as well during the rehearsal , she wore a black top and pants with shawl .. she looks really elegant ..
during the rehearsal most of the stars would interact with us . but oni Garreth Gates and BoA wouldnt .. and refused to acknowledge us there ... their eyes only focus on the cams ( even during the rehearsal or should i say within closed doors )

Suga babes hve really great voice , they did sang life and pretty kewl .. but they tend to like ignore the new girl within .. politics bah ( but they were there onli during the real show )

5566 was too far for us to even see them properly .. coz they only appear at the prize presenting part ( though they were there during the rehearsal n the real deal ) .. but their angmoh ... really sux

Simple plan performance was great ... in fact they are perfectionist .. even during the rehearsal, the guitarist feels tht the sound quality wasnt at expectation, he would request the whole grp to do the whole gig again ... tt is wht i call professional .. and i even got their guitar pick which was thrown off during the real show ...

when mariah carey came on stage , all of us were stunned , coz we din knw she was coming .. but she look like she done plastic surgery b4 le ...
And blue same as 5566 , too far away liao

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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