Sunday, August 10, 2003
ok .. yesterday i was at tis singaporean pot luck party ..

i went to tis party with a couple of frenz consistin gals n guys ...
well i made lasagna pork sauce .. and it was cleared off by everyone else as everyone loves it
ok i feel gd abt th coz i go compliments on my cookery skills mah
the pot luck party has tis as the menu :
potato salad, steamed chicken wings , fried bee hoon , bat ku teh , garlic rice , potato wedges , lemonade , agar agar , lasagna and lastly cheesecakes ....
had a full stomach man ... hahaha

and after tht i went to clubbin with them
we partyed from 10 pm to 4 am ...
long time man sia .. tirin by the end of the trip .... well at least i got a ride home .. and is like best lor

anyway the place i went to the club was called " CHURCH "
how funnie it is hor .. a pub where ppl dance , smoke and do stuff is a place call church ..
wonderin how god is goin to react abt ppl there .. is he able to forgive them and accept them for wht they are , and encourage them to stay in the church ... hahaha sorry ... no offense ok ?
anyway i had a couple of drinks there and was dancin my ass off .. hhahaha fun sia .. mi hve my wild side u knw ?
oh ya .. i have something to say is tht u knw how singapore pubs are like ...
it is much more safe n stuff ...
i saw ppl takin esctasy and shakin their heads off ... piangzzz .. wht the hell ppl doin here ..
dun u knw it is dangerous and stuffs !!!!!!
piangzz i saw another gal who is cantonese ... (coz i heard her sayin cantonese)
she is a chain smoker lor .. she keep smokin n smokin ... like no break like tht ..
OMG !!!!! anyway not only tis , she keep inhalin to her inhaler which like u knw how mentonel can cause ppl to feel high .. and she did tht .... plus i dun even knw is tht methonel or some other drug tht she can put in to inhale ...
not only tht , she keep sharin her inhaler and cigrettes with other ppl ( guys n gals) ewwwwwwkkkkkkk...

haizz .. i still prefer goin clubbin in sg lor

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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