Tuesday, July 22, 2003
ok .. i am cryin again ...

u knw i met quite a lot of ppl today mostly seniors and they are most guys ...
and when ppl hear tht i am from comp science and they will make tis face and like tinkin *wishin her gd luckz* and like tellin mi tht my courses will be hard n stuffs .. and is like i am so freaked out by them u knw ..

i am like so worried now .. and i am really afraid to like flunk my modules and stuffs ... and like i knw money is really hard to earn lor and by mi bein here , i do understand tht i am wastin a lot of my dad n mum hard earned money and stuffs ..
and like i am really afraid to disappoint them and get bad grades and stuffs ...

i am really worried and scared tht i will be like wastin their money coz i do knw tht my dad works real hard for mi to be here and my mum is like constantly sayin tht her muscles ache and stuffs .. i dunnoe ... i feel really sad now ..

i told my mum all these and she was like consolin mi tht i hve already decided and stuff so wht i should do now is to do everything step by step and not worry so much ...
i juz miss home really a lot ...
i miss my mum , my dad and my sis ..

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 7/22/2003 10:54:00 PM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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