Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Mi now is auzzie

I left sg yesterday at 9.35 to leave for peth for my studies ..

i miss my mum n dad n many others terribly ...

i tried my beri best in holdin my tears .. but i failed ... i dropped 3 teardrops coz i really missed them .. but too late i made my choice ...

I reached perth at 3.40 and due to the plastic boxes for my luggage i had to open it again which my mum n i spent so long to pack .. FrEAKING IDIOTSSSS~~~!!!

anyway i got bus reception to send mi to my hostel ...
and boy i had a hard time .. coz i had to carry my BIG N LARGE luggage to my hostel room at SECOND LEVEL ...
gosh ... my back was arching ... after tht i spent 3 hrs to unpack everything to neat piles .. luckily my organization skills are good ...

after tht i met up with a guy which i knw from the bus reception ( and he lives near my area) to go to the school labs to use the pc ...

when i got home , i spent some time tokkin to my mum n others to say i miss them terribly and tell him stuffs ...

u knw yesterday i was feeling so sad, till i only had my lunch at my plane and wasnt hungry at all after tht .. not even dinner ( thus i skipped it )
i knw i am supposed to be strong but in the end i still cry myself to sleep .... haizz

as for today , it is beri cold here
well 1 woke up at 9 and paid my room rent .. got to knw abt the school lan system for internet services beri ex leh 140 mb for $42 ...
i use tht amt of internet is one go leh ( for emails, web conferencing and etc

so thus mi decide to buy the telly fone line for my room ..
but once time charge is 52 and monthly charge is 22 plus every call u make will be only $0.20 ( no matter how long u use lor)
den i can buy those prepaid internet card for usage ... it is much cheaper in tht way though , wanna save up money

den i went to sch to register my medibank account .. but i forgot my passport thus hve to go back AGAIN ( a good 20 mins walk)
beri tiring .. coz the slope are quite steep thus i tink i need no excerise ..

after the walk went to bankwest to attempt to open an account .. but failed .. need my taxation file number which will requires mi to get a student card which i have to wait till MONDAY then i can open .. stupid system
thus mi will try tomolo ... wishes mi luckz k ?

after tht me meet up with the cherry lor and the guy who i knew from my bus reception .. he is so DULL !!! but can use him temporaily in order to use the free internet services .. =p

we went to take a bus to a big big shopping mall ... and see see look look.
had lunch at the food court and had a plate of fries with brown sauce as gravy) beri ex aso 3.95 per plate .. but quite a big plate and also beri nice .. i share with the fries with cherry .
the other food are ex aso ... tis was the cheapest i could find

i went to the supermarket and i saw a lot of things leh ... bigger than carrefour .. and is like nothing to them lor ... so luckily man them ... they had tons of stuffs like fresh bread, tons of juices , but the toopid veg are so ex ( like bak choy and spinach ) had to find more value food = p

anyway after tht , we( mi n the guy) went to the nearby supermarket and i bought some rice, carrots, 1 lectuces , soy sauce , and 1 3 litre orange juice .. oh ya and fishcakes so i can cooked in the rice or porridge lor ...

after i got back home , i packed up all my things .. haizzz .. i cooked a little rice lor .. ( i tink the packet of rice which is 1 kg gonna last mi at least for 2 weeks or even more) den the carrots i use half of it only thus with the many carrots in there i might even can use it up to 3 weeks .. hahah gd gd can save on food money .. )

tht all .. now here in computer lab lor ..

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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