Sunday, May 04, 2003
Ok i hve 3 main events to report here :

1) I had a major arguement with someone with i really cared about and whom do cared abt mi. I feel so sad and i regret tht by my action of stubborness.
Luckily, we managed to make things work ..l and i have to thk tht person with being able to bear my crazy n nasty temper.

2) I watched ADAM Sandler's new movie " ANGER MANAGEMENT ".
it was a nice show which i watched on MAY 1st . It was showing at Suntec. But before that i went a Buddha convention there and Kenny Rogers' for dinner ( well actually had the sides for dinner coz mi dun wan n too full to hve the main ) wahahah ..

3) I spent the whole day yesterday with a really bad start. Coz i made someone to wait for me for at l least 3 hrs ... how could i .. i mean let tht person waited for mi so LONG ... and yet the person did not lost any temper at mi .. i mean tht person is so nice n did not lost any temper by tht ... so i cooked fried rice with a so limited variety of food left in my fridge and is like so much rushed .ARGHZZ..
aFTER THT, i went to serangoon to accompany my fren to study for her exams due on Monday ... and we had a wonderful time ( i brought her some of my fried rice 2 ) .. We talked and also managed to get our objective right 2 . We exchanged our views ... n crapped a lot ... it was fun ... We also had cake from coffee bean ( coz we are at coffee bean studyin) ... den when it got late, we went to the large NTUC and shop for SUSHI at hlf price .
Apparently, EDO sushi sell off their sushi at hlf price if the purchase is over $6 .. we bought a total of 13.95 of sushi and paid $6 ++ ..
So while she escorted mi to the busstop where i go off, we ate the sushi ...
I always enjoz being with my frenz ... it is so relaxing ....

SO how ur week ??

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 5/04/2003 07:09:00 PM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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