Monday, March 17, 2003
YEAH ~~~~! Hip Hip HOrray FOR YOKE CIN (aka my best friend)

Sat was a really eventful day .... haiz ... enjoz it alot

In the morning, i brought my sis to her school for their 70th anniversary funfair and the whole event was HUGE ... the carpark was used for a mini carnival filled with foos stalls, rides, games . And to the canteen it has more than 70 STALLS FOR FOOD, more than 100 over varities. WOW ... and the field has those LARGE BOUNCY MATS and even FOAM PARTY for the Kids ,, there are in total of 3 haunted house by the school students and even sales of their own school bear. WOW ..... There's even launch on their NEW ORCHIRD HYBRIDS and own BRAND OF OXGNATED WATER ..... .... Classrooms has sales over loads n loads of items ............... CROWDED places .. need rest ... arghzz

Den at 12.45 pm , Yoke Cin n her aerobics team participated into the AERONICS Dance Competition at Suntec AND HER PERFORMANCE WAS FABULOUS !!
And her team got 3rd for the whole competition ..... YEAH ~~!!! ( i did went there to support her ok )

Lastly in the evening, i went for JAP food. The Food is so MA MA MI YA ...... I can even orgasm by the taste of the food there ....
For start , the restaurant is at our Singapore Esplanade (classy place). The ambience there is so soothing n relaxed .
The seats are in couchie type where one end is a norm chair and the other is the couch where there are a lot of fluffy Pillows... comfy
We ordered a Ichiba Bento and a Tempura Set ........
Let me start with the Tempura Set , consisting of 1 rice bowl , with pickles , seasoned small octopus , soup , chwanmushi , a big plate of tempura with their dip sauce and a place of watermelon and oranges.
The seasoned small octopus is so juicy and biteable , so chewy yet good. Chwanmushi is those to melt in your mouth typie where you can find lots of stuffs steamed with the egg custard.... delicious .....
Lastly the Tempura , it consists of 4-5 large prawn tempura , n there are so firm n yet crisp on the outside. A thin layer of batter coating the prawns ...
And it aso has sweet potato tempura , ladyfinger tempura , shitake mushroom tempura and lots more ...... (the dip sauce is light and good ... with bits of radish in it ...

Now the Ichiba Bento Set ... Same old on the rice , pickles , small octopus , soup , chwanmushi. But it includes a small portion of tempura ( 2 prawns , some vegatable ), a small eel , and a portion of raw Salmon ...................
THE EEL IS COOKED IN PERFECTION , nice moist fresh meat soaked in it grilled sauce , compatiable with rice making you wan more ...
And the SALMON , GOSH IT IS SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO FRESH AND GOOD .. the fats from the salmon is so tasty ..............................

Ok i am Hungry wht about u ??

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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